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Penetration Testing Services from Corsaire

These days phrases like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and pen testing are used interchangeably by clients to refer to just about any kind of security testing.

At Corsaire, we see penetration testing as a specialist part of the Quality Assurance (QA) process. Where traditional QA is all about confirming that the systems work as intended (use cases), penetration testing is all about making sure they don't work other than as intended (abuse cases).

What can Corsaire do for you?

Corsaire can test the security of just about any device or application that stores, transports or protects information. We are led by our customer's requirements though, and so we tend to see a lot of the popular technologies:

  • Traditional web sites with a CMS and database driven content;
  • Web services of one form or another;
  • Mobile applications on the popular platforms (iPhone, Android and Blackberry);
  • Server platforms and networking devices of every shape and denomination;
  • Physical buildings, like offices and data centres.

Although these tend to take up the majority of our time, we also have a lot of experience of working with other technologies, such as (this isn't an exhaustive list):

  • Voice authentication and other biometrics;
  • NoSQL data storage engines;
  • All things wireless, like GSM, Bluetooth, RFID and contactless payment;
  • Embedded devices, such as cars and streaming media devices;
  • Magnetic cards, like gift cards and loyalty cards.

Why Corsaire?

Corsaire was formed eighteen years ago, in 1997, as one of the first independent security specialists, and since this time has been providing best-in-class security testing services to clients, around the globe.

Over the years, we have helped shape many of the prevailing security standards that are now taken for granted. So, as you would expect, our approach to security testing meets and exceeds all the common standards and accreditations, such as OSSTMM, OWASP, CHECK, CREST and Tiger.

Whilst the heart of what we do is deeply technical, the way that we deliver it is firmly rooted in the values of the previous century. Personal service, quality and flexibility distinguish the way that we do business.

Our distinctive approach is apparent in everything we do, and we are resolutely proud of our culture. Like artisans of old, we believe that the measure of our worth will only be found in the quality of our workmanship, which should always speak for itself.

What next?

If you would like more information on penetration testing, a free no-obligation discussion with one of our team, get in touch.

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